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                    Our Heavy Duty cylinder disassembly/assembly table and tooling designed for cylinders up to 24 to 30 inches in diameter. The table is designed with the top rail modified from 3/4" to 1-1/4" steel and is 26.5 ft. Long. A cylinder assist for disassembly and re assembly, a 24" heavy duty triple chain vise, a pressure boost system and 70K Nut Buster have been developed in conjunction with the heavy duty disassembly table.

                    Download an informational brochure on the Disassembly Bench Model MSD-D-HD26

                    We accept:


                    MSD-HPS | Hex Plate Set

                    Standard set of 14 plates for standard and heavy SAE nuts from 3” to 6-1/8” nuts. Metric set of 12 plates for 60mm to 150mm metric nuts. Plates are easily and quickly installed into the capture ring of the “Nut Buster”. They are used as a box wrench to remove and/or tighten nuts and offer a very affordable alternative to large sockets.

                    SAE Tool Plate Set (14-piece set)
                    Metric Tool Plate Set (12-piece set)
                    Individual Plate (to your specifications)

                    Plates are 8” x 8” x 1” Blanchard ground with sizes stamped on edge

                    MSD-ARC | Adjustable Rotation Capture

                    This tool fits our standard MSD-N-20, 30, 40 and 50 Nut Busters?. It is used to rotate cylinder tubes with clevis ends of widths from 2” to 16”.

                    Support arms can be positioned to capture tube clevis.

                    In this configuration the tool is rotating the tube while the head is secured in a chain vise mounted to a vise elevator.

                    MSD-CR | Concentric Rollers

                    Concentric Rollers are manufactured with precision roller bearings and can accept shafts from 1” to 12” in diameter. A magnetic base dial indicator can be secured to the Disassembly Table to check concentricity and roundness of hydraulic shafts. The concentric rollers can be located at any location along the Disassembly Table rails.

                    MSD-HD | Hold Down

                    Hold Down for aligning tie bolt cylinders in assembly. The coil threads have a shallow thread depth to prevent debris from getting caught and building up – virtually eliminating nut jam. The faster nut travel makes assembly and disassembly quick and easy. Our slide plates are easily positioned to fit cylinder length and are pre-drilled for the MSD-HD tooling.

                    By securing both the rear cap and head with hold down tooling, alignment is guaranteed.

                    MSD-SHD | Strap Hold Down

                    The MSD-SHD (strap hold down) and MSD-CHD (chain hold down) are manufactured to secure tubes and cylinders to our Disassembly Table.

                    The MSD-SHD is used on plated or machined surfaces. It adapts standard 2” hold down straps to our table (A).

                    MSD-CHD | Chain Hold Down

                    The MSD-CHD is used on cylinders that have to be secured for component repair. A chain is single wrapped around the cylinder — chain link is secured into notch in chain block (B) and secured tight with the handle on opposite table rail (C).

                    MSD-FPS | Fixed Pin Spanner Plate

                    The MSD-FPS heavy-duty fixed pin spanner tool is designed to be drilled for fixed hardened pins. The customer can drill for two (2) or three (3) pin configurations. The plates come in three standard sizes, 2”, 3” and 3-1/2”. A 1/8” leather strap liner protects the shaft from damage upon Installation and removal.

                    The heavy duty fixed pin spanners can be used to remove heads and glands. They can also be used in the application as shown. Spanner holes were drilled in a stubborn piston and removed with the MSD-FPS tool.

                    MSD-LSS | Spanner Plate

                    This spanner plate can be used on shafts up to 4.25” diameter and can use our standard pin spanner and hook spanner sets in addition to the Heavy-Duty spanner arms shown.

                    Heavy-duty pin spanner arms shown

                    One set of the Heavy Duty spanner arms (with pins) is included with the MSD-LSS.

                    Hook spanners can be installed in place of the pin spanner arms shown above installed on the 3” shaft opening plate.

                    Pin spanner arms come in sets of four different size pins — 3/8”, 7/16”, 1/2” and 5/8”. Metric pins can be manufactured and supplied upon request. All our spanner tools fit our Nut Buster? for removal of heads and glands.

                    MSD-LDAS | Large Diameter Spanner

                    This fixture is used for pin spanner application on large diameter heads of pistons.

                    The fixture mounts on our standard MSD-VE vise elevator for overall height adjustment (A).

                    The cylinder or shaft is then rotated by the MSD-ARC in any of our “Nut Busters” (B).

                    The main support has three arm mounting positions to cover three diameter ranges. The arm is shown installed in the center position (C).

                    The pin assembly is made from a ?” OD drill bushing with a pressed-in hardened pin. The unit comes with five drive pin sets of 3/8”, 5/16”, 1/2”, 5/8” and 3/4” (D).

                    The drive pins are easily inserted and held in the ? “ID holder.

                    MSD-DP-1 | 1” Drive Plate
                    MSD-DP-1.5 | 1.5” Drive Plate

                    Standard 1” Drive - Standard 1.5” Drive - 1” Drive Plate with socket

                    Drive plates were developed to use your existing drive sockets with our “Nut Buster”. We can furnish these plates with whatever drive size or configuration you request.

                    CAUTION — all of our Nut Busters? will develop torques exceeding manufactures recommended limits.

                    MSD-VE | Vise Elevator

                    This heavy duty Vise elevator is used to center shafts or cylinders to the Nut Buster? can support up to 8 tons. Various tooling can be attached to the elevator. We can supply the optional non-mar Nylon Support “V” (MSD-V) and the 8” Ridgid chain vise (RIDGID BC-810) shown below.

                    Application used with Nylon Support “V” - Application used with a chain vise.

                    MSD-AT | Adjustable Tool

                    The adjustable tool is supplied with two hardened jaws and can be adjusted from 3” to 9”. This tool can be tightened on cylinders, nuts, heads, glands, or any thing that would require rotation for removal or installation.

                    6” pilot holds the tool ridged in the Nut Buster?.

                    Adjustable tool typical installation in a “Nut Buster”. This tool has a 4 point contact on round surfaces and will not have the distortion problems that a pipe wrench would have.

                    Shown here on a hex nut.

                    Shown here is a typical set-up to remove nut that is not standard. Nut is captured with the MSD-AT tooling locked into the MSD-N-20 “Nut Buster”. The shaft is supported with a MSD-V non-marring “V” positioned to center height of the “Nut Buster” with a MSD-VE vise elevator. The clevis is secured with a MSD-BT standard brace tool.

                    MSD-BT | Fixed Brace Tool
                    MSD-ABT | Adjustable Brace Tool
                    MSD-ABT-40k | Adjustable Brace Tool

                    Our brace tooling is used as an anchor point when used with our “Nut Buster” during removing and/or replacing nuts, glands, etc. The adjustable brace tool captures clevises by using a threaded shaft to move brace supports tight against the clevis thus reducing bearing damage and is recommended for high torque nuts and shafts.

                    Fixed Brace Tool
                    For use with pull-apart cylinder set-up and small shaft cylinders

                    Adjustable Brace Tool
                    Recommended for 20K and 30K Nut Buster?

                    Adjustable Brace Tool
                    Recommended for 40K Nut Buster? shown on our Disassembly Table

                    MSD-R | 5-1/2” Riser

                    Risers are used to elevate vises, nylon “V’s” or other tooling. Holes are drilled to fit our slide plates (bottom) and our standard tooling on the top.

                    MSD-HEV | Hydraulic Elevated “V”

                    This manually operated hydraulic scissors jack can be used to support chrome-plated shafts or tubes. This tool is light- weight and easily positioned. The High Density Nylon Vee is bolted to the HEV and will support a chromed or ground rod without marring the surface. The small hydraulic hand jack will let you raise or lower the rod to position it exactly where you need it.

                    MSD-V | Nylon “V”

                    The High Density Nylon “V” is used to support finished shafts during assembly and disassembly. The nylon will not mar the chrome plated rod surface. Two sizes are included for large and small cylinders.

                    MSD-SS | Steel Support “V”

                    This simple steel support “V” is used for secondary support of cylinders with a chain vise as the primary retainer. The concentric center is the same as a standard 8” chain vise.

                    MSD-CS | Custom Sockets

                    Machinery Service & Design can manufacture any specialty tool you may need at an affordable price.

                    This socket tool is used on pistons with recessed nuts. The socket can be made to any size and/or configuration mounted to a standard plate that fits our Nut Buster?. These sockets are made to take the high torques our “Nut Buster” develops.

                    The through hole on our socket tools allows for clearance of the cushion extension found on some cylinders. With the MSD-CS socket tool the need for deep well sockets in the larger sizes is eliminated.

                    We can custom build to any size or configuration.

                    MSD-PAC | Pull Apart Cylinder

                    Our pull-apart cylinder (MSD-PAC) is used with two standard brace tooling assemblies (MSD-BT) and three slide plates (MSD-SP) on our Disassembly Fixture. The pull apart cylinder will reduce the effort involved in disassembling a large cylinder. It will also increase safety by eliminating the need to have several people pulling and jerking on a cylinder trying to get it apart.

                    MSD-SP | Slide Plates

                    The slide plates are predrilled for all our tooling options and are supplied with a set of “L” clamps.

                    MSD-LB | “L” Clamps

                    The “L” clamps are used to secure the slide plates, Nut Busters? and adjustable brace tools to the Disassembly Table.

                    MSD-VPS | Vacuum Pump System

                    The Machinery Service & Design vacuum system is used to assist the reassembly of hydraulic cylinders. This system takes advantage of atmospheric pressure to simplify the process of entering seals into the bore chamfer and retracting the shaft.

                    Our two-stage pump delivers high volume and produces vacuum up to 30” of mercury.

                    MSD-LP | Lock Pin

                    The MSD-LP lock pins are used to easily and quickly pin the slide plate in place to minimize movement during disassembly and assembly. They are sold in sets of two.

                    Lock pin inserted through slide plate and disassembly table

                    MSD-ACS | Adjustable Cylinder Support

                    This fixture is used to support large cylinder tubes and shafts that are too large to be secured in a chain vise. It can accommodate large and irregular shapes and mounts to any MS&D slide plate.

                    The individual “V” sections are slotted and are secured between two 3/4” T nuts.

                    As the V’s move toward each other, the overall height of the supporting surfaces increases. One application for this feature is to align a shaft to tube for assembly. Irregular shaped cylinders can be supported horizontally be adjusting each set individually.

                    The MSD-ACS is manufactured with a Nylatron? cover for polished surfaces to support cylinder tubes (A).

                    When shafts require to be secured in place the strap assembly (B) is used with the Nylatron? covered surface.

                    Additional Nut Buster Tooling

                    4 ?” square socket driver (L) / Industrial Impact Sockets to 395mm (R)

                    3 point spanner tool with 6 ?” thru hole
                    4 1/8” to 7.0” diameter with removable plate

                    4 point spanner tool with 6 ?” thru hole
                    4 1/8” to 7.0 diameter with removable plate

                    Tooling is developed with the hydraulic rebuilding facility in mind. All our tooling is simple to use and rugged in construction. We are continually developing new tooling for the unique situations that arise in the rebuilding and manufacturing industry. If a tool is not shown, we can engineer new tooling to your specifications.

                    Heavy Duty Tooling

                    MSD-VRP | Heavy Duty Vee Block Roller Plate

                    The vee block support plate is designed to support the cylinder shaft during removal and installation of the hydraulic cylinder shaft.

                    The Vee block support plate is drilled and tapped to allow the user to adjust the supports to contact the cylinder shaft surface.

                    MSD-PAC-HD | Hydraulic Cylinder Assist

                    The hydraulic cylinder assist is a 4” bore hydraulic cylinder with 11.5 feet of stroke that generates 37,698 pounds of push at 3000 PSI for disassembly and 22,974 pounds of pull at 3000 PSI for assembly.

                    The assist cylinder is attached to the push- pull plate and the plate is provided with two vertical brace supports (MSD-BT 70/100) and equipped with UHMW bearings on the top side and bottom surfaces. Adjustment screws are installed to allow for adjustment of the UHMW bearings. The Brace Tool supports are adjustable with 1” tee nuts.

                    Chain Vises

                    Ridgid chain vise 8” capacity

                    Heavy Duty Reed chain vise 12” capacity

                    MSD-HDCV 4” to 24” capacity chain vise

                    MSD-HDCV 30” to 48” capacity chain vise

                    MSD-PBS | Pressure Boost System

                    The pressure booster is an air operated pump with pilot operated checks. The booster takes hydraulic oil from the system reservoir and will boost pressure to 5000 PSI. The pump and manifold are mounted on a steel plate that is mounted on one of the cross members of the machine frame. The steel plate also has a pressure relief valve to limit the pressure that the booster will generate. The air pump requires approximately 100 to 150 psi of air pressure. There is an air valve mounted to the control panel with a red ball on the handle.

                    MSD-HDSS | Heavy Duty Spanner Tool

                    MSD-HDSS Standard disassemble machine 14” capacity

                    MSD-HDSS Heavy Duty disassemble machine 19” capacity

                    Face spanner (L) / Diameter spanner (R)

                    MSD-ARC tool. Used to rotate cylinder tube.

                    HDSS spanner tool being used

                    HDSS spanner tool used on Military Bridge cylinder

                    MSD-ARC tool used to turn the cylinder tube