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                    Our Heavy Duty cylinder disassembly/assembly table and tooling designed for cylinders up to 24 to 30 inches in diameter. The table is designed with the top rail modified from 3/4" to 1-1/4" steel and is 26.5 ft. Long. A cylinder assist for disassembly and re assembly, a 24" heavy duty triple chain vise, a pressure boost system and 70K Nut Buster have been developed in conjunction with the heavy duty disassembly table.

                    Download an informational brochure on the Disassembly Bench Model MSD-D-HD26

                    We accept:

                    Hydraulic Test Stands

                    Hydraulic Pump Test Stand | Hydraulic Test Stand

                    The pump test stand can be set up to test open and closed loop pump, and open and closed loop motors. We can build a stand that can test a hydrostatic pump and motor together.

                    Hydraulic Pump Test Stand

                    We quote the stand in a modular sequence, starting with the base stand, the drive module, regeneration module, PLC electronic control module, data acquisition module, motor test modules, etc.

                    V2010 Pump Test Video

                    This video shows a hydraulic pump test stand in action using a Vickers 2010 Hydraulic Vane Pump. See the data acquisition program run on the laptop and display diagnostics of gallon per minute, RPM and PSI as the engine revs up and setting adjustments to pressure impact the readings. Watch to see all the features in action.

                    Watch the hydraulic pump test video by clicking the play icon.

                    Pneumatic Pump Test Stand

                    Our pneumatic pump test stand engineering and manufacturing team designed equipment to accurately measure readings. The diagnostics are essential to evaluate its condition. Review the base unit features to learn more and see the flowmeters, controller module, moter test module and regeneratin motor/pump module for additional capabilities.

                    Pump Test Features and Modules

                    Pump tests use a stand featuring a base unit, hydrauic drive, regeneration motor/pump module, flowmeters and gauges, controller module, motor test module, and regen manifold and return oil module.

                    Hydraulic Pump Test Stand | Hydraulic Test Stand Hydraulic Pump Test Stand | Hydraulic Test Stand Hydraulic Pump Test Stand | Hydraulic Test Stand Hydraulic Pump Test Stand | Hydraulic Test Stand Hydraulic Pump Test Stand | Hydraulic Test Stand Hydraulic Pump Test Stand | Hydraulic Test Stand Hydraulic Pump Test Stand | Hydraulic Test Stand

                    MSD-PTS-BU | Pump Test Stand Base Unit (without Drive)

                    Our Base Pump Test Stand (MSD-PTS-BU) has the following features:

                    • Large drained work surface (A), approximately 54ā€ wide X 21ā€ deep.
                    • 200 gallon main hydraulic reservoir (B), with flooded suction lines.
                    • Symmetrical inlet and outlet test ports (C).
                    • Flexible power systems, including AC-VFD and hydraulic drives.
                    • Set-up to handle various port configurations, sizes and placements.
                    • Wide range of pump sizes.
                    • Custom configuration (one or two stations, PLC control etc).
                    • Mechanical flowmeters, (3) sized from 3 GPM to 100 GPM.
                    • Analog pressure gauges, 0-5000 psi.
                    • Integral relief manifold for pressure testing circuits.
                    • Drive motor digital tachometer.
                    • Built in storage cabinet for fittings and small hoses (D).
                    • Safety features: drive coupler set back, integral test stand lighting, side panel control location, safety glass view port, work table oil drain system.
                    • Pump mount adapters included for SAE A, B, C, D, (2 and 4 bolt pattern).
                    • Isolation mounts on the adjustable pump test mounting bracket.

                    Hydraulic Pump Test Stand | Hydraulic Test Stand

                    A large, high-capacity 10-micron filter cleans all returning test oil. The cartridge style unit is located to provide easy access for filter cartridge replacement

                    The main hydraulic tank is constructed in a unique ā€œUā€ configuration . This allows for flooded suction ports while maintaining a low profile. It surrounds the drive motor, which helps to conserve on space while maximizing oil volume.

                    Hydraulic Pump Test Stand | Hydraulic Test Stand

                    The side storage cabinet is used to store couplers and fittings, keeping an uncluttered work area. The cabinet is drained to the table to allow waste oil from the fittings to be collected.

                    Hydraulic Pump Test Stand | Hydraulic Test Stand

                    The built in lighting gives good workspace illumination.

                    Quick release suction lines keep the stand clean when not in use and increases efficiency by reducing pump set up times.

                    The digital drive motor tachometer has large easy to read digits.

                    The standard mechanical flow gauges can be sized or configured to your specifications. Electronic flow meters, with or without data logging, are available as an option.

                    Panel mounted remote controls for each of the integral relief valve (3 total ) allow for precise pressure control of the pump. A high-pressure safety limit set at the integral relief valves to provide additional safety margin.

                    By keeping the controls and monitoring gauges on the side of the stand, and putting a protective barrier between the test pump and the technician, we protect them from the very real danger of injury without obstructing their visibility.

                    MSD-PTS-HD | Hydraulic Drive

                    Hydraulic Pump Test Stand | Hydraulic Test Stand

                    Our standard bench Hydraulic Drive has a built in electric motor/ hydraulic pump power unit driving a fixed displacement hydraulic motor. We use a dual voltage (240/480V), 60 cycles, 40 HP (30Kw) electric motor driving a hydrostatic pump with a remote mechanical control. Pump controls are mounted on the side of the stand for safety. The hydraulic drive includes all hoses, tubing, fittings, and installation on the pump test stand. The start relay and enclosure for the electric motor is included in the drive package.

                    Voltage and cycle information for your shop must be specified before ordering the hydraulic drive to insure proper sizing of the motor and starter.

                    Other size motor pump combinations and electronic proportional control configurations can be ordered as special units, prices to be determined at the time of order. Multiple standard motor pump units can be installed for a wider range of test conditions and flows. Call for more details on controls and pumps.

                    Variable displacement hydraulic motors may be special ordered for a wider range of pumps test configurations, call for more information.

                    Hydraulic Pump Test Stand | Hydraulic Test Stand

                    Fixed displacement hydraulic motor installed in test stand

                    MSD-PTS-REGEN | Regeneration Motor/Pump Module

                    Hydraulic Pump Test Stand | Hydraulic Test Stand

                    A: Variable displacement regeneration pump
                    B: Fixed displacement regeneration pump

                    Regeneration is the use of the flow from the test pump to help power the main drive unit in order to save horsepower and reduce heat buildup in the stand. The flow from the test pump is sent through a hydraulic motor that drives a hydraulic pump, which is connected into the main drive circuit. As the regeneration pump volume control is stroked it puts a load on the test pump while also adding flow to the main drive circuit. The main hydraulic pump is de-stroked to maintain the drive rpm. The regeneration circuit can ultimately power up to 65% of the total test pump load, with the main drive circuit supplying the energy to overcome friction and mechanical losses in the system. A 40 hp electric motor on the standard pump test stand can test a 135 hp hydraulic pump circuit with a regeneration unit.

                    The regeneration motor/pump unit can be controlled mechanically or electrically proportionally controlled. The standard regeneration unit is supplied with a fixed displacement motor but a variable displacement motor is an option for increased range of flow for the regeneration circuit.

                    The regeneration package includes the fixed displacement motor, mechanically controlled variable displacement pump, regeneration manifold, valves, fittings, tubing and hoses to complete the circuit. Installation in the standard Pump Test Stand Base Unit is included.

                    MSD-PTS-EFP | Electronic Flowmeters and Pressure Gauges

                    Hydraulic Pump Test Stand | Hydraulic Test Stand

                    Electronic flowmeters and pressure gauges can be ordered to replace the mechanical meters and gauges on the basic test unit. More accurate digital readings and the capability to add data acquisition to the stand are the main advantages of the electronic meters and gauges. The meters and gauges can be integrated into the PLC control at a later time to upgrade the test stand in stages.

                    The PLC screen is shown on the right with the display from the electronic flowmeter and pressure gauge and digital tachometer. This is the large PLC screen used with the PLC module listed below. (The size of the screen and screen display colors vary according to the number of gauges and meters used.)

                    MSD-PTS-PLC | Programmable Logic Controller Module

                    Hydraulic Pump Test Stand | Hydraulic Test Stand

                    PLC with analog and digital expansion modules and various other electrical controls mounted in the electrical box.

                    Hydraulic Pump Test Stand | Hydraulic Test Stand

                    Typical control screen layout for a PLC controlled standard test. Shown set up with 3 individual pump test circuits.

                    The PLC control of the pressure, flow and rpm of the circuit replaces the manual controls on the Base Unit. Digital flow meters and pressure transducers replace the manual flow meters and pressure gauges. The electronic control of the flow and pressure allows the stand to be programmed for automatic pump tests and modified standard test routines. A large touch screen is mounted on the operator station to replace the mechanical gauges and controls the programmed test functions. Standard PLC package does not include programming for automatic tests or data logging, these can be purchased separately and are usually quoted on a time and material basis.

                    The PLC controls the individual pressures and flows in the Base Unit with proportional control relief valves and electronic proportional control of the pumps and motors of the hydraulic drive unit. The cost includes changing the relief valves and pump controls to electronic controllers.

                    MSD-PTS-MT | Motor Test Module

                    Hydraulic Pump Test Stand | Hydraulic Test Stand

                    The MSD-PTS-MT is a separate stand for dynamically testing open and closed loop hydraulic motors. It uses the hydraulic power from the MSD-PTS-HD to power the motors, and loads the motors through the relief valves or regeneration circuit on the main pump test stand. The motor test module uses two separate test stations on the stand to handle both high-speed motors and low-speed high torque motors. The stand uses a hydraulic pony brake system, with a pump for the high-speed test and a low speed hydraulic motor for the low-speed test, to place a dynamic load on the test motor. The backpressure in the pony brake hydraulic circuit determines the torque load on the test motor.

                    The Motor Test Package includes valves, fittings, tubing, and hoses to connect the motor test module to our standard MSD-PTS-HD hydraulic power unit. It has an oil containment pan and sealed stand bed to catch oil from the motor to keep the work area cleaner and safer.

                    MSD-PTS-RB | Regeneration Manifold Module

                    The MSD-PTS-RB is a modified Relief Manifold with added porting, fittings, and internal plumbing to allow future installation of the regeneration module. The standard relief manifold does not have the capability to easily connect to the regeneration circuit module; add this module when you order the base unit.

                    MSD-PTS-RO | Return Oil Module

                    Hydraulic Pump Test Stand | Hydraulic Test Stand

                    Return oil from the drained work area can be automatically collected from the test stand, filtered, and returned to the main reservoir by the Return Oil Module. The oil drains from the work area into a separate drain reservoir inside the test stand. When the sensor in the drain reservoir indicates the oil is more than 2/3 full, it activates the submerged pump to send the oil back through the main filter and into the main reservoir. By comparison, the MSD-PTS-BU base unit has a drained work area that has to be emptied manually.

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