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        Servicing the Hydraulic Rebuilding Industry

        Email: sales@ms-d.com
        En Espa?ol: luis@ms-d.com

        What's New

        Our Heavy Duty cylinder disassembly/assembly table and tooling designed for cylinders up to 24 to 30 inches in diameter. The table is designed with the top rail modified from 3/4" to 1-1/4" steel and is 26.5 ft. Long. A cylinder assist for disassembly and re assembly, a 24" heavy duty triple chain vise, a pressure boost system and 70K Nut Buster have been developed in conjunction with the heavy duty disassembly table.

        Download an informational brochure on the Disassembly Bench Model MSD-D-HD26

        We accept:

        Honing Equipment | Honing Machines

        Hone machine with tubular steel frame and side panels

        Our cylinder honing equipment is designed with the hydraulic rebuilding shop in mind. There are many features incorporated into our hone that make it ergonomically friendly and environmentally safe.

        The Hone is manufactured in two sections (power section and cylinder section). Each section is comprised of a sturdy 2” x 4” tubular steel frame in lengths that are built to your specifications (5ft. increments), with leveling leg bases and side panels.

        Honing Machines Features and Options

        Power Section

        Honing machine drive section with horizontal carriage

        Drive Unit:

        • The horizontal carriage, composed of four (4) Teflon lined linear bearings (A) running on two (2) 1?” turned ground and polished rails.
        • A rack and gear system (B), driven by a hydraulic motor, runs the length of the drive section. This insures a rugged, no lash, horizontal drive.
        • A base plate on which the hydraulic drive, honing motor and electrical controls are mounted.
        • Cable guard and hoses with an Igus track guide.

        Hydraulic System

        Hydraulic power unit of hone machine

        The hydraulic power unit consists of a variable displacement pressure compensated pump mounted to a “C” face 7-1/2 hp. TEFC, 3 phase motor (A) with a 40 gal. reservoir (B), manifold and two directional valves. This unit drives the two hydraulic motors used for head traversing and rotation and is cooled with a air-to-oil cooler (C). Both the feeds and speeds are completely variable by use of flow control valves on each circuit.

        Honing Head

        Adjustable honing head with hydraulic drive motor

        The honing head consists of a linear bearing slide with a vertical adjustment of 17 in. and a hydraulic drive motor that will accept any honing tooling. The head is adjusted up or down to align the honing motor with the center of the cylinder being honed.

        Electrical Package

        Honing machine electrical panel with PLC

        The electrical package incorporates the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), step down transformer, relays, motor starter and push buttons into a functional and conveniently located enclosure.

        Cylinder Section

        Honing machine cylinder block with full-length drain pan

        The cylinder section frame incorporates a full-length drain pan as part of the structure. The drain pan will capture the honing oil, carry it to the honing oil reservoir, and use a slurry settling system to remove the honing sediment.

        Leveling leg bases every 5 feet provide a method of mounting and leveling the cylinder section. Side panels are bolted for easy access where necessary.

        Honing Oil Pump System

        Honing machine oil pump system

        A high volume honing oil pump system is included to assure a continuous flow of oil for cutting and flushing during the honing process. A pipe manifold runs the length of the cylinder section, with oil nozzles mounted on short flex hoses every 3 feet to provide a simple and effective way to pump the honing oil into the cylinder tube. A simple and effective settling system removes slurry from the honing oil as it returns to the main tank.

        Two rolling shrouds are provided to contain the honing oils and insure a clean splash free honing system. These hoods roll the length of the hone and/or can be lifted off to facilitate the installation and removal of the cylinder, free of obstruction.


        Hydraulic cylinder honing machine with automatic electronic tensioning

        The MS&D hone includes electronic tensioning. A variable voltage clutch mechanism can eliminate the need to manually adjust stone tension. This system adapts to standard “Sunnen” honing tooling.

        Programmable controller and remote cable control for hone machine

        The MSD-H-PC is a programmable controller that will monitor hone motor rpm and control the cycle time and time delay settings. The PLC will let you set the honing parameters with consistency to handle repetitive jobs and obtain reliable results.

        A remote cable control is available (MSD-H-R) as an option to allow the operator to control the jog buttons while moving the magnetic stops on either end of the cylinder section. This will facilitate setup, especially on long cylinders.

        The RPM meter helps the operator maintain the proper cutting speeds for maximum stone life and efficient cutting action.

        Ridgid brand chain vise and high-density nylon support vee for hone machine

        Ridgid Brand Chain Vise and High Density Nylon Support Vee are included.

        Diamond Stones for our Hone MSD-H-30/40, 60/80, 280S

        Set of 4 Borazon cBN stones for hydraulic cylinder hone tool

        We manufacture a set of CBN stones that fit into Sunnen ARN master holders for four (4) stone honing. Our stone sets, manufactured of Borazon, outlast aluminum oxide stones by more than 100 times. The additional stone area also increases the stock removal rate.

        MSD-H-PHH | Portable Hand Hone

        Hand honing tool for hydraulic cylinders

        Hand honing can be a practical and economic alternative to machine honing. Machinery Service & Design has developed a portable honing system that will insure proper honing oil flow, filtration and containment.

        The most important factor in getting a good finish along with material removal during the hand honing process is the flushing, lubrication and cooling supplied by the honing oil. A continuous oil flow removes the spent abrasive and material. If this material collects it causes excessive stone wear and stone glazing. This will effect material removal. A good finish can only be attained with clean oil and the lubricity the oil supplies.

        Honing Equipment | Honing Machines Honing Equipment | Honing Machines

        Oil honing splash shield and oil reservoir

        Feed hose and oil filter system on portable hand hone

        Portable Hand Hone Features

        • (A) Hone rolls on four casters and will center on a cylinder using our standard MSD-D disassembly table.
        • (B) A liftable shield controls honing oil splash.
        • (C) The reservoir, pump and switch slides in and out of the fixture for ease of cleaning.
        • (D) A flexible magnetic base holds the feed hose on rear port of the cylinder.
        • (E) The used oil runs through a filter paper before returning to tank. A plastic mesh under the paper insures good flow return. The mesh covers a magnetic sheet material that will collect any fine ferrous material. This 3 part filter system insures clean oil being pumped during the honing process.

        MSD-H-PHHD | Portable Hand Hone Drive

        MSD-PHHD portable hand hone drive for Sunnen honing tooling

        The MSD-PHHD hand hone drive is used to drive Sunnen honing tooling for the cleanup or resizing of hydraulic cylinder tubes. The pneumatic drive motor, Sunnen ANR-110 mandrel adapter and hand-brake adjustment are integrated into a simple and ergonomic package. The lightweight and well balanced tool will allow the operator to remove metal from the tubes without the stress of handling a large heavy and awkward electric drill.

        Drive Features

        • (A) Sunnen ANR-110 stone tension adapter
        • (B) Stone Tension hand brake
        • (C) Air on/off valve control
        • (D) Air Inlet with swivel